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To develop and maintain an active, informed membership.


1) Review and update the membership brochure annually.

2) Review and update membership webpage as needed.

3) Review updates posted in Constituent Relationship Management system (Using NEON since 2019).

4) Provide training to new committee members on NEON’s Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system.

5) Conduct membership drives in the fall (October) to promote new memberships and renewals and late winter (February) prior to posting of conference registration.

6) Manage all membership-related components of the CRM system and provide technical assistance to all prospective and current constituents.

7) Develop, maintain, and update membership-related reports when needed.

8) Seek opportunities to collaborate with other CPA committees on CPA tasks and initiatives.

9) Provide monthly report to board.


Beth Ehrenfried-Neveux

Meeting Details

Every Thursday at 8:00 am. Length of meeting varies from 1 to 2 hours, via Zoom

Time Commitment

Members will, at times, be asked to provide technical assistance to constituents or research CRM system components between meetings.

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