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The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA) is delighted to announce the recognition of Jeff Hanley, our esteemed Executive Director, as the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) 2024 Advocate of the Year. This prestigious honor is bestowed upon individuals who show exceptional dedication and have made significant strides in advocating for the importance of substance misuse prevention and community health.

Jeff Hanley’s leadership at CPA has spearheaded many initiatives that reduce substance misuse and risk-related behaviors across Pennsylvania. His journey in the nonprofit sector, beginning with his post-graduate role at the American Red Cross, through his impactful tenure at the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, and culminating in his current role at CPA, showcases a steadfast commitment to public health and safety. Jeff and his wife, Carrie, who also dedicates her career to public health in Pennsylvania, reside in State College, PA, reflecting a personal and professional dedication to enhancing community well-being.

“Jeff’s been our go-to person for educating PA members of the House and Senate on every important issue in the field. He was responsible for helping us educate his member of congress who is the chair of the Agriculture Committee, about the importance of closing the loophole in the Hemp Bill, which has unintentionally allowed for the proliferation of synthetic and semi-synthetic cannabinoids, such as delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC.”

—Sue Thau, CADCA’s Public Policy Consultant

Hanley shared his thoughts on advocacy when accepting the award: “Prevention stands as our beacon of hope in tackling the challenges posed by a range of substances and fortifying us against future threats. For real change, we must unify our prevention voices to advocate for comprehensive prevention plans fueled by ample funding that protect our most vulnerable, especially youth, from substance and mental health issues. Only then can we ensure the sustainability of evidence and research-based prevention initiatives, safeguarding our communities for future generations.”

“Jeff’s leadership and dedication to the cause of substance misuse prevention is inspiring. His ability to unite diverse groups towards a common goal has propelled CPA’s mission forward and laid a foundation for lasting change within communities across Pennsylvania. Jeff embodies the spirit of true advocacy, reminding us all that our collective efforts can and do make a difference. We are incredibly proud to have him on our team and look forward to continuing our work together.”

—Kathy Collier, CPA’s Board Chair

CADCA, the organization conferring this award, has been a pivotal force in substance misuse prevention, representing over 5,000 community coalitions across the United States and in more than 30 countries globally. CADCA’s model emphasizes the power of community coalitions to effect change and prevent substance misuse through collaborative efforts.

Jeff Hanley’s recognition by CADCA as the 2024 Advocate of the Year is a testament to the impactful work being done in Pennsylvania. It serves as an inspiration for continued advocacy and action in substance misuse prevention.

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