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To provide accurate and complete financial data for internal and external use by the Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance.


1) Pay all obligations and file required tax reports and any other reports in a timely manner.

2) Balance all bank statements and prepare financial reports for board meetings.

3) Pay all employees and contractors in accordance with the payroll schedule and maintain proper documentation.

4) Account for restricted and Board designated funds and grants separately and clearly define restrictions applicable to these funds.

5) Present annual operating budget to the Board of Directors at the November Board meeting.

6) Submit final budget for board approval at the January Board meeting.

7) A financial review/compilation/audit of the CPA affairs shall be conducted at the close of each fiscal year by an outside accounting firm. All necessary items must be sent to the accounting firm no later than March 31st.

8) Collect in-service time and expenses from Board members

9) Ensure that Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is purchased annually.

10) Avoid actions that would expose the corporation and its Board to claims of liability.


Javerta Sims
*NOTE: All CPA BOD have legal oversight responsibility 

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