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Welcome to the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA), Pennsylvania’s foremost voice for prevention. For more than 45 years, CPA has been advocating for critical prevention priorities and supporting professionals in their important work across the state. We are committed to reimagining prevention, sharing best practices, and fighting for the resources necessary to nurture emotional well-being, prevent substance misuse, and lessen interpersonal violence.

Recently, CPA has undergone a significant transformation, beginning with a coordinated strategic planning process that engaged a wide range of stakeholders. As a result, we have updated our vision and mission, redefined priorities, and committed ourselves to a powerful set of values centered on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

CPA’s board members, in close collaboration with the organization’s executive director, are fully responsible for defining the scope of our work, determining appropriate priorities, and securing the resources necessary to achieve our mission. As a small, mostly volunteer team, they work tirelessly to discern, understand, and meet the needs of CPA’s member programs and professionals while embracing our core values.

At CPA, we are committed to facilitating thoughtful, diverse, and innovative spaces through which communities, programs, and individuals can redefine and implement prevention using public health frameworks. We believe that by working together, we can strengthen local capacity to promote healthy relationships and prevent substance misuse. We couldn’t do this work without you as one of our important partners in prevention.

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