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Maximize Your Impact as an Exhibitor or Vendor at the CPA Conference

Becoming an exhibitor or vendor at the 34th Annual CPA Conference presents a unique opportunity to directly engage with a diverse and passionate audience involved in preventing substance and mental health issues. This event is the perfect stage for companies, organizations, and for-profits looking to showcase innovative products, cutting-edge services, or transformative technologies that can significantly advance prevention strategies and community well-being.

Why Exhibit at Our Conference?

We anticipate 350 attendees at our 34th Annual Conference from June 12-14, 2024.

Exhibitors and vendors will have direct access to a wide range of attendees, including professionals from organizations, coalitions, higher education, school district staff, students, and advocates. They are all eager to discover new solutions and tools to aid their prevention efforts. This is your chance to introduce your products or services to potential clients and partners specifically interested in substance and mental health prevention.

To view all the details, including cost, available dates and times, use of Whova, and how to reserve your table, please visit our vendor and exhibitor page.

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