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The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA) is proud to announce Katie Kucz, the Prevention Coordinator at Montgomery County Office of Drug and Alcohol, as the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Marcopul Award for Legacy in Prevention. This statewide award celebrates Katie’s substantial contributions to substance use prevention, reflecting the spirit and dedication of the late Maggie Marcopul.

Katie’s leadership and innovation have led to several impactful projects that benefit the community significantly. Mallory Perrotti, Prevention Program Specialist at Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc., praised Katie’s impact, stating, “Katie is a true force. Her passion and commitment to helping youth and families have significantly elevated prevention services and outcomes in Montgomery County.”

Ms. Kucz’s Key Achievements Include:

  • Innovative Program Implementation: Katie has been instrumental in launching and enhancing programs like Teen Senate, Prevention Day, and Red Ribbon Week, fostering more robust and effective prevention initiatives through collaborative approaches.
  • Expansion of Family Education: Under Katie’s guidance, the number of evidence-based family programs provided has quadrupled, markedly improving the support system for families across Montgomery County.
  • Community and Educational Impact: Katie has cultivated strong partnerships with schools and community organizations, tailoring services to meet local needs and driving positive outcomes in prevention efforts.
  • Strategic Leadership in Comprehensive Initiatives: Over the past five years, Katie has led the Montgomery County’s Comprehensive Prevention Program Planning (CP3) Project and Community Prevention Project. Her strategic planning and coalition building have enhanced prevention efforts across multiple communities and school districts.

Katie’s work in developing and expanding these programs and partnerships directly contributes to a healthier, more informed community. By increasing educational resources and collaborative efforts, she enhances the community’s ability to prevent substance misuse effectively and addresses broader mental health issues. This comprehensive approach ultimately fosters a safer and more supportive environment for all residents, particularly the youth of Montgomery County.

Kathy Collier, CPA President, commented, This award is as much about influencing the entire state as it is about individual achievement. Katie’s work continues the legacy of Maggie Marcopul, touching every region of Pennsylvania and championing the cause of prevention.”

Upon receiving the award, Katie expressed her gratitude: “I am honored and humbled to accept this award. While I may not have known Maggie Marcopul personally, I strive to embody her strong work ethic and commitment to prevention, which inspire us to challenge boundaries and improve the world.”

About The Award

This award is given in memory of Maggie Marcopul, an extraordinary person and prevention professional.  She influenced the prevention field in Pennsylvania for more than three decades. Maggie served as a trainer, board member, officer, and advocate as part of the Pennsylvania Certification Board and the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance. Maggie was a pioneer whose career in prevention spanned over three decades. She was instrumental in various legislative and community efforts, significantly contributing to the field’s ethical standards and community care programs.

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