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Maximizing Your Membership Benefits

Through your membership, CPA maintains its commitment to strengthening the field of prevention, empowering professionals to effect positive change within their communities. Here’s how we do it:


  • Being a foremost voice of prevention in PA with relevant, practical, and cutting-edge expertise.
  • Implementing an innovative and invigorating annual prevention conference.
  • $100 discount per member to attend the annual conference either in person or virtually.


  • Provide researched-based messaging that organizations and coalitions can utilize to support their local prevention programs, strategies, and initiatives.
  • Address the opioid epidemic with researched based messaging to increase awareness, reduce stigma, and promote positive action in communities.
  • Building and maintaining powerful and consistent relationships with statewide partners.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with PA decision makers to proactively ensure prevention policies serve the interests of the communities and people we serve.
  • Implementing advocacy initiatives and providing the latest prevention data, research, evidence, and information.

Regional Meetings

  • Conducting regional events as part of our commitment to promoting prevention.
  • Increase local networking opportunities to safely discuss issues facing your communities.

Professional Development

  • Helping members take a modern, holistic approach to prevention.
  • Recognizing outstanding organizations, coalitions, and prevention professionals during National Prevention Week.
CPA Membership Benefits One Pager

Membership Rates

At CPA, we offer a range of membership levels to suit the unique needs of all organizations and coalitions. Our membership options include Collegiate Student, Individuals, and different agency group sizes, all priced to provide accessible entry points for everyone. Explore our membership levels and rates below:

  • Collegiate Student: $17/person
  • Individuals: $55/person
  • Agencies with 2 members: $105 for the group
  • Agencies with 3 to 5 members: $165 for group
  • Agencies with 6 to 10 members: $330 for group
  • Agencies with 11 to 15 members: $468 for group
  • Agencies with 16 + members: $715 for group

Membership Questions

If you have any membership questions, please email

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