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About CPA Membership

CPA envisions a world that prioritizes primary prevention and ensures every Pennsylvanian has access to the tools they need to reduce risky behaviors and lead healthy, happy, and meaningful lives. When you become a Commonwealth Prevention Alliance member, you’re joining a statewide community of prevention professionals who share this common vision.

  • When you join CPA as an individual or part of an organization, school, college, or coalition, you will receive a significant discount on our annual prevention conference registration: $100/per member to attend in-person or virtually!
  • CPA membership is for one year and runs from January 1 through December 31.

Help Us Prioritize Prevention Across PA

Your membership provides us with a unique opportunity to prioritize prevention, in PA. With your membership support, CPA will be able to provide the following: 

  • Being a foremost voice of prevention, in PA with relevant, practical, and cutting-edge expertise.
  • Developing and providing culturally-appropriate, cost-free resources about opioid use disorder, substance misuse prevention, and risk-related behaviors.
  • Building and maintaining powerful and consistent relationships with statewide partners.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with PA elected officials to proactively ensure prevention policies serve the interests of the clients, beneficiaries, and people we serve.
  • Implementing advocacy initiatives and providing the latest prevention data, research, evidence, and information to members.
  • Implementing an innovative and invigorating annual conference and regional events.
  • Helping members take a modern, holistic approach to prevention.
  • Recognizing outstanding organizations, coalitions, and prevention professionals.

Membership Rates

Costs go up. And, like all of you, CPA isn’t immune. For the 2023 membership year, we have slightly increased the rates for each of the levels listed below.

Of course, we always do our best to manage costs and provide benefits to members as efficiently as possible.

Membership rates (an increase of 10%):

  • Collegiate Student: $17/person
  • Individuals: $55/person
  • Agencies with 2 members: $105 for the group
  • Agencies with 3 to 5 members: $165 for group
  • Agencies with 6 to 10 members: $330 for group
  • Agencies with 11 to 15 members: $468 for group
  • Agencies with 16 + members: $715 for group

Membership Questions

If you have any membership questions, please contact Beth Ehrenfried-Neveux at or 724-284-5114.

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