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To foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging across prevention efforts within Pennsylvania. 


1) Program – ensure programs and activities offered and promoted by CPA are diverse and inclusive.

2) Conference – identify diverse organizations to promote CPA membership, conference attendees, and speakers.

3) Communication – ensure inclusive and intentional language is reflected in all social media and print representing CPA.

4) Governance – committee serves as a resource for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging within CPA.

5) Engagement – with diverse communities

  • Locating communities and connecting
  • Outreach and invitations to communities
  • Identify barriers to connecting
  • Create templates to share
  • Build a bridge for communities to connect with CPA too feel welcome with a sense of belonging


Kristina Jeanty 

Meeting Details

Monthly on the 1st Monday, from 12:00-1:00 p.m., via Zoom

Time Commitment

2-3 hours per month, including the meeting time

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