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Existing media materials on the web site are downloadable and free to use in Pennsylvania by any individual, school, agency, business, coalition, or other group by simply filling out the  pop-up survey that lets us track usage. Licensing and usage fees are present for all photographs, graphics, and artwork on this website and are managed by our messaging partners at BOOM Creative, and  it would constitute copyright infringement to alter or use any of these elements, including the trademarked messaging “Anyone can become addicted. Anyone.” in any other format, or without reporting the usage.

Many of the finished free materials are designed to include designated space to add local contact information however, beyond this addition, materials/ads/graphics may NOT be altered or edited in ANY way without the express knowledge and written permission by the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance and the final designs approved and submitted for archiving and management by BOOM Creative.

All aspects of the visual and textual themes: “Anyone can become addicted. Anyone”, “Care enough NOT to Share.”, “Break the Connection.”, “Don’t add to the numbers.”,  are © and ™ by Commonwealth Prevention Alliance in the context in which they are portrayed and used here. Additionally, all portrait materials must carry the following disclaimer: “Licensed material is being used for illustrative purposes only, and any person depicted in the licensed material is a model.”

Commonwealth Prevention Alliance also specifically disallows any implied endorsement or associated use of these materials to be seen as being affiliated with any private treatment facilities, products, or services unless so contracted.

If you have any questions or ideas about creating new materials, or are interested in partnering with the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance to develop a similar campaign, please contact us at

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