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The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance is excited to announce the winners of our 2024 PA Prevention Awards, which celebrate exemplary prevention efforts across Pennsylvania!  All nominees are significantly contributing to improving their communities, schools, and beyond through prevention and positive mental health initiatives.

We received nominations in the following six award categories from all corners, including prevention professionals, teams, SAP liaisons, youth, coalitions, faith leaders, law enforcement, decision-makers, volunteers, and community connectors.

🏅 Tomorrow’s Leader, Today 

  • Individuals who showcase contributions to prevention initiatives while emphasizing the significance of fostering relationships and collaborations.  Must have 3 years or less in the prevention field.

🏅 Makes Good Happen

  • Displayed excellence in uniting people for community betterment.

🏅 Catalyst for Change

  • Contributes to education and advocacy for awareness of substance use issues in diverse populations.

🏅 Embodies Amazing

  • Exceeds goals and expectations, serving as an unsung hero in the office, community, or prevention field.

🏅 We Is Better Than Me

  • Excel and collaboration and find creative ways to include others.

🏅 Next Generation Influencer

  • Youth and youth-led groups that actively engage in prevention efforts.
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