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The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance proudly announces the launch of the 2024 PA Prevention Awards nominations—a celebration of exceptional prevention efforts across the state! Join us as we highlight the individuals and groups who are making significant contributions to improving their communities, schools, and beyond through prevention and positive mental health initiatives.

The nominees and award winners will be recognized during National Prevention Week—May 13-17. National Prevention Week is a public education platform showcasing the work of communities and organizations across the country that are preventing substance use and misuse and promoting positive mental health.

Who Can You Nominate?

The possibilities are endless—from individuals to organizations, prevention providers to SAP teams, prevention departments to coalitions (youth, adult, overdose prevention, etc.).

We encourage nominations from all corners, including those outside the prevention field who are making positive impacts—such as youth groups, faith leaders, decision-makers, commissioners, volunteers, and community connectors.

How to Nominate?

Nominating is a breeze! Simply select the best fit from our 6 award categories outlined below. The bullet points offer a starting point, but don’t hesitate to include additional information to highlight your nominee’s exceptional contributions. In your nomination, highlight accomplishments or examples that demonstrate the nominee’s exceptional contributions, helping us appreciate their influence and achievements).

To make your application process smoother, we recommend checking out our tips to nominate and sample submission form. These resources offer helpful guidance to showcase the nominee’s accomplishments and contributions effectively. Additionally, the form includes essential information for all nominees and award winners.

Nominators Can Be Anonymous

In 2024, we are pleased to introduce the option for nominators to remain anonymous if preferred. Your recognition of outstanding contributions can be made discreetly, allowing the focus to remain on the remarkable achievements of your nominee.

Mark your calendars with these important dates:

  • Nominations are accepted until Monday, March 25th.
  • National Prevention Week recognition events will be scheduled from May 12-16.

Questions along the way?

Contact Jeff Hanley, at

Award Categories

1. Tomorrow’s Leader, Today
(Early Career Prevention Professional – recognizes individuals with 3 years or less working in Prevention)

  • Showcases contributions to prevention initiatives while emphasizing the significance of fostering relationships and collaborations.
  • Displays energetic leadership skills and is full of hope for prevention.
  • Finds inspiration from diverse sources, bringing enthusiasm to challenging situations.
  • Takes on tough challenges and embraces tasks that may not be favored by everyone.

2. Makes Good Happen

  • Participates in ongoing initiatives aimed at enhancing the health of the local community.
  • Community champion elevating prevention initiatives from outside the field.
  • Excellence in uniting people for community betterment.
  • Demonstrates effective action and accomplishment.

3. Catalyst for Change

  • Implements innovative, diverse approaches to substance use/misuse prevention.
  • Contributes to education and advocacy for awareness of substance use issues in diverse populations.
  • Integrates culturally competent practices in prevention strategies.
  • Positively impacts marginalized communities through inclusive prevention initiatives.

4. Embodies Amazing

  • Exceeds professional goals and expectations, serving as an unsung hero in the office, community, or field.
  • Advocates for community organizations and decision-makers, advancing prevention efforts.
  • Demonstrates initiative and eagerness to expand prevention work.
  • Positively influences others with contagious energy.

5. We Is Better Than Me

  • This individual or group excels at collaboration.
  • They always find creative ways to include more people in their projects.
  • They are known for being inclusive, making sure everyone can contribute.
  • They quietly make things happen behind the scenes to ensure success.

6. Next Generation Influencer (Youth Impact Award)
Eligible nominees for this award include youth (ages 13-18) and youth coalitions actively engaged in substance use/misuse prevention, positive mental health promotion, and community well-being efforts.

  • Mobilized peers to act: Did they motivate others to adopt healthy behaviors, advocate for change, or participate in prevention programs or initiatives?
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities: Did they effectively lead a coalition group, mentor younger peers, or bridge gaps between different groups?
  • Leveraged creative channels to reach their audience: Did they use social media, art, music, or other engaging methods to spread their message?
  • Promoted positive mental health and well-being: Did they focus on building resilience, coping skills, and foster open conversations about prevention?
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